Direct war in Ukraine, Russia, gas pipeline to Ukraine explodes: 3 dead. Moscow: «Russian city of Shebekino bombed». Kiev without water and with electricity problems

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  • Moscow: with the price cap the EU will run out of gas

Putin to security agencies: tracked down traitors and spies

The Russian security and counterintelligence agencies, including the military, must show “maximum readiness and concentration” because “it is necessary to put a firm brake on the activities of foreign services and promptly identify traitors and spies”. Vladimir stated this Putin in a video message released today, on the occasion of the Workers’ Day of the workers of the security agencies. The Tax reports it.

Moscow: with the price cap the EU will run out of gas

The introduction of the gas price cap in the EU is “a political decision, not an economic one”, which could lead Europe to a “shortage” of gas. This was stated by the Russian deputy premier in charge of energy Alexander Novak, according to reports from Tass.

Gas price surge after gas pipeline explosion: +6.6%

Gas prices flare up after an explosion hits a section of the Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod pipeline that brings Siberian gas to Europe via Ukraine. Amsterdam’s TTF futures, which in the morning had come close to 100 euros per megawatt hour (-7.7%), briefly surged by 6.6%, to 115 euros, before reducing the increases to 1. 3%, at 110 euros. It is not yet clear whether the explosion will impact gas flows to Europe.

Russia: gas pipeline to Ukraine explodes, three dead

The first death toll from the explosion in the Urengoi-Pomary-Uzhhorod gas pipeline, which runs from Russia to Ukraine, is three dead and one injured, reports TASS citing the emergency services. The victims were employees of the gas company and were working on the pipeline. The incident occurred in Russia’s Vurnarsky District in the Chuvash Republic, about 680 kilometers east of Moscow.

Russia, explosion in a gas pipeline to Ukraine

An explosion ripped through the Urengoi-Pomary-Uzhhorod gas pipeline, which crosses Russia from Ukraine: Russian media reported it. According to the Ria Novosti news agency, which quotes the regional Emergencies Ministry, the explosion – and a subsequent fire – were caused by a gas leak. The accident occurred in Russia’s Vurnarsky District in the Chuvash Republic, about 680 km east of Moscow.

Russian city of Shebekino bombed

Bombing this morning on the Russian city of Shebekino, in the Belgorod region, columns of black smoke can be seen in the videos posted by residents: the attack caused the interruption of water and electricity supplies. “The electricity supply was cut off due to the bombing. A third of the city’s residents were left without electricity. Grenades hit the industrial area. There is at least one victim», wrote the governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov on Telegram, relaunched by the Ukrainian media who commented: «as usual, Gladkov blames the Armed Forces of Ukraine».

Zelensky visited Bakhmut

Volodymyr Zelensky visited Bakhmut, Donetsk region, where he met and rewarded the military. This was announced by the press office of the Ukrainian presidency, adding that the “head of state arrived without previously announcing the visit”. Bakhmut is currently the battlefield where the most intense war actions are taking place between the Ukrainians and the Russians, with bombings going on for weeks by the latter.

Zelensky: Russia wages war because it cannot admit mistakes

Russia is waging war against Ukraine because some in the Kremlin cannot admit mistakes and are afraid of reality. The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video message, adding that «Bakhmut remains the hottest point of the entire front line, with more than 1,300 kilometers in which hostilities are underway. Since May, the occupiers have been trying to break the front line, but time is ticking and Bakhmut is resisting not only the Russian army, but also the Russian mercenaries who have come to replace the lost soldiers». “Russia has already lost nearly 99,000 of its soldiers in Ukraine. One day there will be 100 thousand casualties among the occupiers – added Zelensky – For what? Nobody in Moscow has an answer to this question. They are waging a war and wasting people’s lives – other people, not their loved ones, not their own lives, but others, and only because some group in the Kremlin cannot admit mistakes and is terribly afraid of reality. “Reality speaks for itself – he added – I thank all our fighters who are heroically holding Bakhmut, Soledar, Avdiivka, Maryinka, Kremin and the entire Donbass region, which before the arrival of Russia was one of the strongest in Ukraine and that Russia is destroying. Even such cruelty will give nothing to the enemy.”

Putin meets with senior officials to deflect his own responsibilities

It’s not all Putin’s fault, but the responsibility for the progress of the war in Ukraine should at least be divided among the senior officers who have managed it so far. According to the latest British intelligence report, this would be the meaning of the visit of the Russian president, last December 16, to the joint headquarters of the special military operation. On that occasion, the London Defense Minister notes on Twitter, «Putin was filmed meeting a number of senior military officers, including Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov and Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu. He invited proposals for the next stages of the “special military operation”. In this choreographed meeting, Putin probably intended to demonstrate collective responsibility for the progress of the war”. »This show – the intelligence continues – was probably aimed at deflecting Putin’s responsibility for the military failure, high death rates and growing public dissatisfaction. The television footage was probably also designed to dispel the social media rumors about the dismissal of General Gerasimov«.

Russian bombs on Kherson, two civilians killed

Two people died and three others were injured during yesterday’s Russian attacks in the Kherson region, in southern Ukraine: the governor of the region, Yaroslav Yanushevych, made it known, as reported by the Kyiv Independent. Yanushevych pointed out that Russian forces have attacked the region 42 times, using artillery, mortars, multiple rocket launchers, tanks and missiles.

Kiev: Russia has lost over 99,000 troops since the start of the war

Russia has lost 500 men in the last day, bringing the losses in the Russian ranks to 99,230 since the day of Moscow’s attack on Ukraine, last February 24th. This was announced by the daily bulletin of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, just released on Facebook, which reports figures that cannot be independently verified. According to reports by the Ukrainian military, Russian losses to date would be around 99,230 men, 2,995 tanks, 5,974 armored vehicles, 1,960 artillery systems, 410 multiple rocket launchers, 212 anti-aircraft defense systems. According to the bulletin, which specifies that the data is being updated due to the intense fighting, the Russian forces also lost 281 aircraft, 266 helicopters, 4,599 vehicles, 16 naval units and 1,653 drones.

War in Ukraine directed today 20 December: the end of 10 months from the invasion of the army of Russia is approaching and there are no signs of truces, much less of negotiations.

On the contrary, both the bombing of power plants or coal-fired plants, including those of Kiev, continue to weaken the resistance of the population, as do the attacks by Russian troops who yesterday launched 83 attacks against the communities of the Sumy region, in north-eastern Ukraine, on the border with Russia: the head of the regional military administration, Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, announced this on Telegram, as reported by Ukrinform. The villages of Velyka Pysarivka, Krasnopillia, Myropillia, Yunakivka, Khotin and Shalyhyne were hit in the attacks.

Direct war in Ukraine, Russia, gas pipeline to Ukraine explodes: 3 dead. Moscow: «Russian city of Shebekino bombed». Kiev without water and with electricity problems