DIRECT. War in Ukraine: Russia warns Israel against delivering weapons to kyiv

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9:03 p.m. : “What shocked me was the value they place on human life… their own soldiers. We are simply cattle that they deliberately send to slaughter”.

Andrei Medvedev affirms that he was part of the organization, but was never in contact with the Ukrainian population. It testifies to Wagner’s treatment of his own troops: “One day they brought back two mercenaries who refused to fight. And in front of everyone, in public, they shot them, and they said to us, ‘This is what will happen to those who dare to betray us.'”

8:28 p.m. : In addition to the Russian army, the paramilitary group Wagner is on the front line on several fronts of the offensive in Ukraine. A mysterious organization suspected of numerous acts of violence, including against those who seek to desert it. France 2 collected the testimony of a veteran who says he managed to flee the ranks of Wagner.

7:24 p.m. : “Any attempt, realized or even unrealized, but announced, to deliver additional, new, or other armaments succeeds and will result in an escalation of this crisis. Everyone must realize this”.

While Israel has so far never delivered weapons to Ukraine, Binyamin Netanyahu said “consider the matter”. Moscow was quick to react through its diplomatic spokeswoman: “All countries that supply arms must understand that we will consider [ces armes] as legitimate targets for the Russian armed forces.”

5:46 p.m. : Hello @geopol, Emmanuel Macron is one of the few Western heads of state to have kept in touch with Vladimir Putin after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24, 2022. A line that has earned him criticism, but that it justifies as necessary to help peace between Russia and Ukraine. However, he has repeatedly shown his support for the Ukrainian people, in particular by sending arms. If his position has not changed, there has been no public mention of a recent phone call between the two leaders.

5:47 p.m. : At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we often heard about phone calls between Emmanuel Macron and Putin? What is the relationship between the diplomacies of the two countries currently?

3:26 p.m. : “I thank the leadership of France in granting arms to Ukraine, which allows us to defend ourselves and, therefore, will help us to defeat Russia. Many other countries in the world follow this example “, greets @r_stefanchuk, the speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament #QAG

3:36 p.m. : “I thank France’s leadership in granting arms to Ukrainelaunches Ruslan Stefanchuk, the president of the Ukrainian Parliament, in front of the French senators. “Many other countries in the world are following this example”. The Ukrainian official met yesterday Emmanuel Macron and the deputies.

3:32 p.m. : A series of searches and police operations targeting an oligarch, administrations and officials are taking place in Ukraine for corruption cases. This operation comes a week after the dismissal of a series of senior officials, as part of a corruption case concerning army supplies. It is unclear whether there is a connection between the two scandals.

11:35 a.m. : According to the Kremlin, the potential delivery of longer-range missiles to Ukraine by the United States will not change “not the course of events”. Supplies of missiles with a range of 150 km will lead, according to Moscow, “towards a heightening of tensions, towards an increase in the level of escalation. We see it, this would imply additional efforts for us. (…) The special military operation will continue”said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

DIRECT. War in Ukraine: Russia warns Israel against delivering weapons to kyiv