Doping: three more “Caught” in Kenya! So much for Russia!

THEn one recent interview with the Spanish site MARCA, Sebastian Coe, president of World Athletics (WA) he assured that he has faith in the commitment shown by the Kenyan authorities to fight the scourge of doping, which is significantly affecting athletics in the African country.

this commitment, estimated at five million dollars a year for the next five years has saved Kenya from suffering a sanction similar to that of Russia, even if it seems clear that in the Kenyan case there is no mention of state doping a detail he has undoubtedly taken into consideration says the world athletics governing body when it comes to being more lenient.

It will be so, if the “Lord” says so… However, that country’s list of doped athletes continues to grow. So that the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) just today announced three new doping cases involving two Kenyan long-distance runners and a sprinter. I am Maiyo Johnstone Kibet, Alice Jepkemboi Kimutai and Mark Otieno Odhiambo .

In the case of Kibet, he was fined for three years after EPO was detected in his blood . His suspension begins on July 20, 2022, and his results have been canceled since May 29 this year. Let’s talk about a 34-year-old athlete . His best time in the marathon (2:10:02) dates back to 2011, when he was third in Hamburg (2:11:27).

Kimutai, she is 30 years old, has been “taken” with testosterone in his system . He was also sanctioned for three years, starting November 16, 2022, although his results have been nullified since September 20. This implies that is disqualified from the Porto Marathon in which he won with a time of 2:29:58.

The most significant case is that of Odhiambo, given that he is a world medalist. This sprinter was part of the Kenyan 4x200m relay team that won silver at a world relay championship held in Chorzów (Poland) in 2021.

Odhiambo, personal best 10.05 is the second fastest Kenyan in history in the 100m behind Ferdinand Omaniala was banned for two years for the use of methasterone (also known as superdrol1), an anabolic steroid similar to testosterone.

His sanction starts on July 21, 2021 and his results have been canceled since June 24, so he does not lose his medal, since the World Relay Championships took place on May 1 and 2. Odhiambo, 29, has also participated in the World Championships in London 2017 failing to pass the first round in the 100 and 200 meters.

On the sidelines of these new cases of positivity, one wonders what would have happened if more than 20 Russian athletes had been found positive as in the case of Kenya? Maybe. Strange this current world of athletics which evidently uses double standards in its punishments! We are obviously referring to the disqualification relating only to the so-called state doping imposed on Russia for many years now.

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Doping: three more “Caught” in Kenya! So much for Russia!