Plane alarm throughout Ukraine. Putin: ‘Ready to negotiate’

For the second time on Christmas day, the air raid alarm was sounded throughout Ukraine. This was reported by Ukrainska Pravda specifying that the sirens began to sound in the regions of Kiev and Lviv and then spread to the rest of the country. The ‘Belarusian Gayun’ monitoring group reported that at 14:00 the Il-76 A-50U ‘Serhiy Atayants’ long-range radar tracking aircraft took off from Machulyshchy in Belarus. Soon after, a Russian Air Force MiG-31K fighter jet, which can carry Dagger missiles equipped with nuclear warheads, took off.

Russia is ready to negotiate with all parties involved in the war in Ukraine. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin, accusing Kiev and its Western allies of “refusing” to negotiate. The Guardian reports it. Speaking in an interview on state television Rossiya 1, Putin said: “We are ready to negotiate with all involved on acceptable solutions, but it depends on them: we are not the ones who refuse to negotiate.” But Kiev’s reply immediately arrives: “Putin needs to get back to reality. Russia has attacked Ukraine alone and is killing civilians. Russia does not want negotiations, but is trying to avoid its responsibilities. This is obvious, so we are moving towards the Tribunal,” Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak wrote on Twitter.

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The Russian president said the West is aiming to “divide” Russia. Putin said he was “100% sure” that Russia would destroy US Patriot missiles sent to Ukraine.

The West is trying to “divide” Russia into Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin said this today, after more than ten months of the Kremlin’s military offensive against his neighbor. “Everything is based on the policy of our geopolitical adversaries, who aim to divide Russia, historical Russia”, Putin denounced in an interview, an extract of which was broadcast on Russian television, assuring that the “goal” of Moscow was “much more: to unite the Russian people”.

Ukraine, only rubble and destroyed buildings in a small village near Kherson

“Yesterday Ukrainian forces repulsed several Russian attacks in various locations in the Kharkiv oblast, in Lugansk and in the Donetsk region. This was reported by the Kyiv Independent. The announcement was made today by the general staff of the armed forces also reporting that the Russian army has launched five missiles over 90 attacks against Ukraine, causing civilian casualties and hitting infrastructure.And also yesterday in another Russian attack on the center of the city of Kherson, at least ten civilians were killed and 55 others were injured, eighteen of whom are in serious condition, according to Kherson Oblast governor Yaroslav Yanushevych.Ukrainian forces hit four Russian command zones, an S-300 anti-aircraft missile system and three other strategic sites .

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“Russian troops injured seven civilians in Donetsk region”. This was announced today by the head of the regional military administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, reports Ukrinform. “On December 24, the Russians wounded seven civilians in the Donetsk region: five in Bakhmut, one in Maksymilianivka and another in Predtechyne,” Kyrylenko said, noting that it is currently impossible to establish the exact number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha. .

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