Planes Alert Across Ukraine: ‘Russian Migs Arriving’

Plane alarm throughout Ukraine. As the Belarusian monitoring group Gayun writes, MiG-31K ‘Kinzhaliv’ took off, as well as the Il-76 A-50 ‘Serhiy Atayants’ long-range radar tracking aircraft. Both planes took off from the Belarusian Machulyshchi airport. Meanwhile, The Russian army has moved many of its bombers from Engels air base to other locations following yesterday’s attacks on Ukraine, Ukrainian air force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said on TV, as reported by the Guardian.

Statements released by “anonymous Pentagon officials” regarding a “decapitating attack” on the Kremlin point to a threat of attempted assassination of President Vladimir Putinsays the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in an interview with the Tass agency.

“Some ‘anonymous officials’ of the Pentagon have actually voiced the threat of carrying out a ‘decapitating attack’ on the Kremlin, which is actually a threat of attempted assassination of the Russian president,” Lavrov said. “If such ideas are really pondered by someone, then this someone should think better about the possible consequences of such plans,” the Russian Foreign Minister said.

“The political course of the West, aiming at the total repression of Russia, is extremely dangerous: present risks of a direct armed confrontation between nuclear powers“. Lavrov said again. The Russian Foreign Minister underlined that Moscow has repeatedly stated that there can be no winners in a nuclear war and that “it must never be unleashed”. It is the West instead of – according to Lavrov – “with irresponsible speculation” he claims “that Russia is allegedly on the verge of using nuclear weapons against Ukraine.”

The United States is doing everything to make the conflict in Ukraine even more violent“: Lavrov declared again in the interview. “It is no secret that the strategic goal of the US and its NATO allies is to obtain a victory over Russia on the battlefield to weaken or even destroy our country”, Lavrov said. “Our opponents will do everything to achieve this goal. Washington has also achieved the key geopolitical goal of severing traditional ties between Russia and Europe,” he said.

“The enemy is well aware of our proposals on demilitarization and denazification of territories controlled by the Kiev regime, elimination of threats to Russia’s security which includes our new territories (Donetsk and Lugansk republics and Kherson regions and Zaporizhzhia) There is not much left to do: accept these proposals amicably, or else the Russian military will deal with the matter”the Russian Foreign Minister stressed to TASS.

On Telegram, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky he wrote that “freedom comes at a high price. But slavery costs even more.” “In this battle we have a powerful and effective weapon. The hammer and sword of our spirit and conscience. Courage and
the audacity. Virtues that impel us to do good deeds and to overcome evil”.

And he added: “The primary act of courage is endurance and getting the job done despite everything. The truth illuminates our path. we know it. We protect it. Our truth is the fight for freedom.”

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