Putin invites Xi to Moscow: “Let’s demonstrate the strength of ties between Russia and China”. The commitment to “strengthen collaboration between the armed forces”

A praise of Russian-Chinese relationsdescribed as “the best ever“, and the commitment to “strengthen the cooperation between the armed forces” of the two countries. This is – according to the Russian government news agencies – the summary of the summit held by videoconference between Vladimir Putin and the President of the People’s Republic, Xi Jinping. The head of the Kremlin invited the ally to go on a state visit to Moscow next spring: “We are waiting for you, illustrious president, dear friend. I have no doubt that we will find the opportunity to meet us in personhe said, according to reports from Ria Novosti and of tax. Xi’s trip, Putin said, “would demonstrate to the world the strength of Russian-Chinese ties on key issues and would become the major political event of the year in bilateral relations”.

“The coordination between Moscow and Beijing in the international arena, including in the framework of Security Council of the United Nations, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the BRICS and the Group of 20, serves to create a fair world order based on international law“, argued the Russian president. The two states, he said, have the same views on the causes and course of the global geopolitical landscape. And “a special place in the whole range of Russian-Chinese cooperation is occupied by military cooperation and technical-military, which helps ensure the security of our countries and maintain stability in key regions,” he stresses. Relations between Russia and China have entered a delicate phase after the invasion of Ukraine: while never condemning the war of aggression, the Beijing government has always expressed the wish for a de-escalation and the initiation of peace negotiations. Putin also stated that “the supply of energy carriers” from Moscow to Beijing have reached “unprecedented volumes” after the reduction in flows to European countries: “Next year we will increase the gas pumping volume“, he promised. Communicating that “joint work is underway to create capacity in the field of hydrocarbon production and processing”.

For his part, again according to the Russian agencies, Xi said he was “available to strengthen strategic collaboration” with Russia, “to provide each other with development options and to be global partners for the benefit of the peoples of our countries, facing a complicated international situation and far from unique. This year, we have held two face-to-face meetings, talked on the phone several times, and maintained close strategic contacts,” and “under our joint leadership, the Chinese-Russian comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction are showing resilience,” she said. Emphasizing that “China will continue to maintain an objective and just position, encourage the international community to form a synergy and play a constructive role in the peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis”, and “welcomes Russia’s position which does not reject a peaceful solution“.

Putin invites Xi to Moscow: “Let’s demonstrate the strength of ties between Russia and China”. The commitment to “strengthen collaboration between the armed forces” – Il Fatto Quotidiano