Putin, the end

In the traditional New Year’s address to Russians, the president Vladimir Putin this time he did not appear as usual against the background of the Kremlin, but spoke surrounded by the military, gathered at the Rostov-on-Don headquarters. “The West is using cynically the Ukraine and his people for divide Russia“, Putin said. But Moscow, the president assured, will not allow it. The West, according to the Russian president, was lying about peace, but was preparing for aggression “by encouraging the neo-Nazis in every possible way”.

The video message, which was later learned to have been previously recorded at the headquarters of the Southern Military District, was released shortly before 3 pm in Moscow, while the inhabitants of the eastern regions of the country were already preparing to celebrate new year. The president appealed precisely to the multicultural nature of the Russian population which has shown compactness in the face of external challenges. “Our multinational people, today as in all difficult eras of Russian history, have shown courage and dignity. In word and deed, they supported the defenders of the Motherland, the participants in the Special Military Operation.”


Putin called 2022 the year of “difficult decisions and consolidation of society”. Recent polls by the VTsIOM statistics center show a growing consensus towards the work of the president, 78.5 per cent, and towards the government 49.7 per cent. The year ended represents for the head of state “a milestone that lays the foundations for independence”. Russia’s efforts to guarantee itself a “sovereign, independent and secure” future, Putin said, will become “an inspiring example for other states in their struggle for a just multipolar world order”.

His visit to the headquarters of the Southern Military District could only end with a round of awards and recognitions. The military, militias and volunteers are after all, observed the Russian president, “the legitimate heroes”. The commander of the grouping of forces in the area of ​​u200bu200bspecial military operations in Ukraine, Serge Surovikin, Putin awarded the Order of St. George 3rd class. The president presented the banners to the new military formations of the annexed regions, specifically the First and Second Army Corps of Donetsk and Luhansk, which with this act were officially included in the Russian armed forces.

Against the background of the incessant mutual attacks, which do not give hope for an imminent breakthrough in military operations, the Russian Defense Ministry released two important announcements during the day: the return home of 82 captive soldiers in Ukraine and the conclusion of the autumn conscription campaign. Citizens called up for military service (120 thousand) “will not be involved in the special military operation in Ukraine”.

Putin, the end-of-year speech in the headquarters with the soldiers: “The West lied to us about peace, Russia will never be divided”