Putin’s winter campaign: «Brothers of Ukraine, the clash was inevitable. Incoming ballistic and hypersonic missiles»

“There Russia he still considers the Ukrainians a brotherly people.” The Russian president said so Vladimir Putin during a lengthy speech to the Defense Council, nearly ten months into the war in Ukraine. An operation on which Putin has no remorse, however: «We have nothing to reproach ourselves for. I say this quite responsibly. We have always considered the Ukrainian people as a brotherly nation and still think so, but the clash with the hostile forces in Ukraine it is inevitable: better today than tomorrow». According to the Russian president, on the other hand, the responsibility for the conflict is to be found elsewhere: «The current situation in Ukraine is a tragedy but it is not the result of Russian policy, but of the policy of other countries. Third countries that have always fought for this: until disintegration of the Russian world, they succeeded and pushed us to where we are». Putin then explicitly referred to a relationship with theWest more flawed than ever, according to him due to the responsibility of others: “I tried to repair the relations of the West with Russia, but the West was pursuing different objectives”.

«No spending limit to finance the army»

Despite the difficulties of the Russian forces in the autumn that has just ended, the Russian president seems to have no doubts: “The objectives of the special operation will be achieved”, he clarifies, “and security will be guaranteed on all Russian territories”. In order to achieve the goal the head of the Kremlin announced the deployment of ICBMs Sarmat, considered the flagship of Russia’s new military programs. A statement that comes a few hours after the US president’s announcement Joe Biden on the green light of Washington when sending missiles Patriot to Kiev. «In January the new hypersonic cruise missile Zircons will be included in the Russian fleet,” the Russian president added. The threat for 2023 is also that of «an improvement in preparation for combat of nuclear forces» in response to the use of the military potential of almost all member countries of the Born, «actively employed against Russia». For this the Kremlin declares that he does not set any limits on the financing of the armed forces, “the country is giving the army everything it requires”, on the other hand taking care to reassure citizens about the economy, “we will not repeat the mistakes of the past, when we ruined our economy in the interest of improving defense capability, both where it was needed and where it wasn’t really needed.”

Defense Minister Shoigu: «Naval bases in Mariupol and Berdiansk»

Meanwhile the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu he provided the president with his report on the Ukrainian conflict announcing the moves expected for the coming months. «Russia will establish naval bases a Mariupol it’s at Berdiansk, both cities of occupied Ukraine”, he announced, “the ports of Berdiansk and Mariupol are fully functional. We expect to establish bases for support vessels, emergency rescue services and naval ship repair units.’ According to the minister currently «beyond 500 satellites US and NATO operate in the interests of the Ukrainian military, as well 70 of them military, while the rest are dual purpose. Not counting the artillerymen and other official NATO specialists present in the area of ​​hostilities”. This is why the army led by Shoigu “now considers it necessary to increase its members a a million and a half”.

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Putin’s winter campaign: «Brothers of Ukraine, the clash was inevitable. Incoming ballistic and hypersonic missiles»