Russia celebrates the victory of “Hanoi

In the very scientifically arranged space of a museum in Russia, a corner of Vietnam displays precious objects, recalling the historic battle of “Hanoi-Diên Biên Phu aerial” 50 years ago and many events in the flow of cooperation Vietnam – Russia.

>> Hanoi – aerial Điên Biên Phu, victory of willpower and intelligence

>> An exhibition recalls the memories of the victory “Hanoi-Diên Biên Phu aerial”

>> The victory of “Diên Biên Phu aerial” reflects the indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese

Yuri Knutov, director of the Russian Air Defense Forces Museum in Balashikha.

About an hour’s drive from the center of Moscow, Russia, the Russian Air Defense Forces Museum is located in the heart of the town of Balashikha, Moscow Province. For the director of the museum, Yuri Knutov, the 50e anniversary of the victory of “Hanoi-Diên Biên Phu aerial” is a special occasion, not only for the Vietnamese people, but also for themselves and the museum.

The museum offers a living exhibition. About 16,000 objects, 400 of which are military equipment and real weapons, reflect the stages of formation and development of the Russian air defense forces. Yuri Knutov is proud of the contribution of yesterday’s Soviet air defense forces to the victory of World War II, as well as the participation of anti-aircraft troops in conflicts.

He repeatedly spoke about the war of resistance against the United States for the national defense of the Vietnamese Army and people, but each time he broaches this topic, Yuri Knutov always speaks with new enthusiasm. He did not forget to remind visitors to pay attention to the complex of anti-aircraft missiles S-75 (which Vietnam often calls SAM-2) installed at the entrance. It is a great symbol.

High value items

According to him, in 1965, the US military focused on air strikes on Vietnam. The Soviet Union supplied Vietnam with the S-75 system, as well as MiG-17 and MiG-21 fighters. Soviet experts also came to help the Vietnamese army operate the system. Yuri Knutov admires the Vietnamese army, which has always worked hard, quickly got used to the equipment and used the S-75 system effectively, especially during the battle of Dien Bien Phu in the air at the end of December 1972.

Yuri Knutov stopped in a corner of the second floor, where he knows there is something waiting for me. A navy blue souvenir flag hangs neatly on the wall of the display case, embroidered with the golden words “Vietnamese People’s Army”.

Next to the flag were printed the words of General Vo Nguyên Giap praising the victory of “Aerial Hanoi-Diên Biên Phu” leading to the signing of the Paris Agreement. Next to the flag is displayed the portrait of the hero of the people’s armed forces, Pham Tuân, with a bright smile, pilot of the MiG-21 who shot down a B-52 plane.

On December 18, 1972, the United States Army launched Operation Linebacker II, considered the most potent test of United States Air Force weapons, techniques, and advanced combat operations. Yuri Knutov pointed out that the United States Air Force had decided to annihilate Hanoi and Hai Phong. But after 12 days and nights, the US imperialists have lost the battle. 81 aircraft were shot down, including 34 B-52s. The combat capability of the Vietnamese army with the support of the Soviet anti-aircraft missile system frightened the American enemy, Yuri Knutov stressed.

The combat capability of the Vietnamese army with the support of the anti-aircraft missile system scared the American enemy.
Photo: VNA/CVN

The invaluable help of the Soviet Union is recorded through photos of its military experts present at the place where the air defense system is located in Vietnam. The space of Vietnam is warmer with the image of President Ho Chi Minh meeting and thanking the Soviet experts. A letter from a military cadet is also posted there with the words: “Please send me to Vietnam. I want to take up arms to defend the independence and freedom of the fraternal Vietnamese nation”.

Colonel Trân Tiên Phuong, Vietnam Defense Attaché in Russia, underlined that today’s Russian veterans, generals and officers still remember, admire and are proud of the exploits of the Vietnamese air defense troops during the battle. of Diên Biên Phu aerial. The Russian side appreciates souvenirs and artifacts from Vietnam. The People’s Army of Vietnam exhibition area always attracts museum visitors, especially students.

The victory of “Hanoi-Diên Biên Phu aerial” 50 years ago has never ceased to unite the two peoples, Vietnam and the Soviet Union of yesteryear, the Russian Federation of today. The museum organized film screenings, exchanges and conversations to remember a time of heroic struggles of the peoples of the two countries. Yuri Knutov wished the two peoples of Vietnam and Russia to make efforts to preserve the events on the traditional Vietnam – Russia friendship.


Russia celebrates the victory of “Hanoi-Diên Biên Phu aerial” at the museum