Russia: “From Italy anti

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Defense Minister Guido Crosetto intervenes with a straight leg in the double question and answer between Italy and Russia about the conflict in Ukraine. It all started following the statements of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who in recent days had ensured that Italy is “ready to guarantee of a possible peace agreement” to put an end to the conflict. The prime minister, who revealed her intention to travel to Kiev by the end of February, before the anniversary of the Russian invasion, underlined during the press conference at the end of the year in the Chamber that she was “obviously in favor of everything we can do to promote peace”.

However, we need to know that the issue of peace cannot be achieved only by claiming it, we need to work on it concretely and get signals from the parties in the field, and today there are no great signals in particular from Russia.

Words that aroused the reply of Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Moscow Foreign Ministry, according to which Italy cannot be considered a “possible guarantor” of the peace process nor an “honest intermediary” in war.

Zakharova’s accusation against the Rome government, formulated to the Russian press yesterday, Wednesday 4 January, is that of “helping the bloody regime of Kiev” and to have assumed a posture “aggressive anti-Russian“. Not only that: Zakharova has also convincingly advanced the hypothesis that Italy supplies Kiev “Landmines“. A statement that did not go down well with Guido Crosetto, who today harshly contested the words of the spokeswoman, deemed “completely false, unfounded and seriously denigrating the honor of our country”.

Italy signed the Treaty to Ban Anti-Personnel Mines, the Ottawa Treaty, on December 3, 1997, and became a State party to the Treaty on October 1, 1999. Italy does not produce anti-personnel mines and does not supply them to no country in the world, including Ukraine.

Q&A Crosetto-Zakharova, the words of the Moscow Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

In detail, the words that called Italy at stake in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, provoking the disappointment of Minister Crosetto, concern the willingness of many countries to participate in the resolution of the crisis. An availability, according to the spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, offered by “some sincerely”, while “others pursue their own selfish goalstrying to ‘wedge’ into the negotiation process to obtain foreign policy dividends”.

It is strange for us to hear proposals for mediation from countries which, from the very beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine, have taken an unequivocal and very aggressive anti-Russian position, not only supporting the bloody regime in Kiev, but providing military assistance and military-technical and deliberately pumping into Ukraine the most modern weapons. It is known that Italy, along with a wide range of weapons and military equipment, supplies Kiev with landmines. These irresponsible actions not only multiply the number of victims, including among the civilian population of Donbass, but also delay the end of the conflict.

Kiev’s Western sponsors, unfortunately including Italy, are not even thinking of stopping, on the contrary, supplies are increasing. Obviously, given Italy’s partisan position, we cannot consider it either an honest intermediary or a possible guarantor of the peace process.

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Russia: “From Italy anti-personnel mines to Ukraine”. Crosetto: “Falsehood”