Silvio Berlusconi, Ukraine

go back to talking, Silvio Berlusconi. And it starts from the maneuver that is about to be approved by Parliament: “I consider this maneuver to be the best possible under the given conditions. The very serious crisis linked to the cost of energy and raw materials required an urgent and forced us to devote a large part of the available resources to limit the effects of price increases. This is to avoid a new phase of recession, inflation and unemployment, which many families and businesses could not have resisted”.

So the leader of Come on Italy in an interview granted to Republic. And again, he adds: “The questions we raised have found an answer. Perhaps the method needs to be perfected, we need to get used to working better together, avoiding the risk of unloading unresolved issues on Parliament. But objectively, time was very short and the problems very large”, underlines Berlusconi. “Within the legislature – he resumes – the commitment to bring minimum pensions to one thousand euros remains for everyone and the total tax exemption and decontribution of the new permanent contracts for young people. If to a company that pays a one collaborator 1,200 euros per monththat salary really cost 1,200 euros, and not 2,600 as is the case now, many entrepreneurs would have the possibility and the convenience of hiring young people”, he remarked relaunching his battles.

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The Knight then underlines that in the coming months we will have to deal with other fundamental issues on which the Italians were asked to vote. “I am thinking of the justice reform – he began -, on which the minister Charles Nordio has given indications based on a solid guarantee culture which is also ours. I am also thinking of the bureaucratic reform, with the abolition of the system of preventive authorizations, for construction and for starting up business activities. A no-cost reform that will encourage investment and therefore growth and job creation. According to the Association of Italian Builders, even one million in a year”.

Silvio Berlusconi then talks about Giorgia Meloni, describes the premier as “capable and determined”. Therefore, on their interactions he explains: “We talk as often as necessary. And we talk about many things, in the interest of the country”, explains the Cav. He heard Vladimir Putin for Christmas? “I haven’t heard from him for some time – replies the former premier -. After all, Russia does not adopt the Gregorian calendar. Orthodox Christmas falls on January 7, so for Russians it is not Christmas yet”. And on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine he reiterates: “Defending Ukraine’s reasons and working for peace are not incompatible paths. Indeed, I believe that every sensible person should do both. I am convinced that the US administration is also happy about it aware. And perhaps there are some glimmers. Let’s work on it”, concluded Silvio Berlusconi.

Silvio Berlusconi, Ukraine-Russia: “There is a crack”