The CIA organizes sabotage in Russia itself

By Eric Biegala

It is an exclusive investigation, of several months, announces in preamble its author, Jack Murphy. A survey he

publish on their own site website: and not on specialized sites like the SOFREP (Special Operation Forces Report) the site of veterans of the special forces, the Stars and Stripes where the Business Insider where Murphy usually officiates. What is it about ? The revelation that the CIA, in tandem with another secret service of a NATO country, has been organizing, coordinating and probably financing since the beginning of the war in Ukraine sabotage operations in Russia itself. So many clandestine actions aimed at compromising Russian military operations: explosions of railway bridges, fuel or ammunition depots.

It is true that large-scale “accidents” have multiplied in Russia since the beginning of the war… it is true that they are not rare in the country in normal times. But for ten months it has been a little too often that logistics or military installations have gone up in smoke; at every opportunity the Russian media

present it as an accidentto the point that the blogosphere and the Ukrainians have made it a running gag, warning that improperly extinguished cigarette butts are indeed wreaking havoc in Russia’s military-industrial complex.

Citing obviously anonymized sources, Jack Murphy – himself a former special forces officer who took part in several clandestine operations in Iraq or Afghanistan – explains that a network of clandestine cells has been established in Russia since 2015 by the services of a European NATO country, following Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea. Which country ? Murphy does not say it but one naturally thinks of the few nations affiliated to NATO which naturally have a good number of Russian speakers capable of blending in with the mass of citizens of the Russian Federation. In any case, it is the agents of this country who officiate in Russia itself, no officer of the American intelligence headquarters being himself hard at work on the territory of the Russian Federation. This was even the condition sine qua non allowing the authorization of this operation by the highest authorities of the American executive, explains Jack Murphy.

Of course, the whole story is unverifiable in open sources, but what gives it the most credence is undoubtedly the revelation that everything did not go without a hitch. Certain clandestine cells having, for example, aimed at the same objectives without coordinating among themselves, with the result of solid confusion and even the death of one of these agents, intercepted by the Russian security forces.

In China, the Covid 19 epidemic is spreading… to the point that the authorities have even given up communicating on the number of infections or deaths.
the GlobalTimesthe English-language publication of People’s Daily announced yesterday that from this Monday the National Health Commission

would no longer issue its daily bulletin quantified as to the extent of the epidemic. It must be said that the official figures were hardly credible and had been for a long time: a few tens of thousands of people infected, less than ten deaths… whereas,

notice this morning the Deutsche Welle a senior official of the health services of the city of Qingdao, in the east of the country, spoke of nearly half a million people affected by the virus every day! “Finally they woke up and realized they can’t fool people anymore” writes a user on the Weibo social network, another comparing the National Health Commission to “the biggest fake statistics factory in the country”.

Last week the website of the prospective analysis company Airfinity

reported on modeling statistics of a truly rampant epidemic: “our models suggest that it is likely that there are more than a million people infected every day in China with more than 5000 daily deaths, while at the same time the official data only speaks of 1800 cases of Covid and 7 dead” for the whole country.

The credibility of Xi Jinping’s power has taken an additional blow and the only material data that makes it possible to assess the extent of the epidemic are to be found in the increases in deaths recorded in the morgues, the overcrowding of hospitals or even seizures. of drugs. In Yulin, says the New York Times authorities have ordered pharmacies to ration ibuprofen, used to lower fevers and at least two drug companies have confirmed daily that the same authorities have seized all their stocks of ibuprofen, preventing any distribution in pharmacy.

In the United States, it is difficult to recover from the truly polar weekend experienced by a good part of the country. A “colossal” storm, a “depression bomb” the American media no longer know very well how to characterize the snow, the blizzard and the vertiginous drops in temperature which paralyzed a good part of the country during this Christmas weekend; “dozens of dead in an America paralyzed by the cold” title this morning the website of the BBC ; “At least 39 people died over the Christmas weekend as winter wreaked havoc across the United States.

written on his side the channel’s website ABCone of the main American networks; it is in the State of New york that the victims were the most numerous; 17 people died in this snowstorm according to state governor Kathy Hochul. Ten of those 17 victims died in the city of Buffalo alone. and the chief official of Erie County, where the city of Buffalo is located, expects an even heavier toll”warns the chain…

The city’s public transport is still at a standstill and will not work this Monday and the recommendations of the public authorities are to stay at home, not to go out, adds the BuffaloNews. Of havetheirs number of streets and thoroughfares in the city are still impassable”.
The National Guard was called in as reinforcements to help rescue and free motorists, in particular stuck in snowdrifts that formed in a few tens of minutes, but the military vehicles of the Guard were themselves blocked by the storm…
“Even if the snow has stopped falling on Buffalo, clearing will take time” warns the local daily. In places, the snowdrifts are more than 2 meters high in town and the snow plows themselves are unable to clear the roads.

The CIA organizes sabotage in Russia itself