The Enemies of the World Ever Closer: Why the Iran

Russia-Iran: the ties between the two most observed nations in the world are strengthened for their aggressive actions that are upsetting global balances and geopolitical relations.

Insulated from US sanctions and European countries, the two countries are getting closer and closer. The latest news says that Moscow is strengthening trade with Iran, in a mutual attempt to revive the economies blocked by significant retaliations.

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, who co-chairs Russia’s intergovernmental commission and oversees the nation’s energy affairs, is visiting Tehran as both nations try to galvanize economic ties.

Of course, it’s not just the prospect of more trade, with oil and gas at the fore, on the agenda. Nuclear power and military support are the real protagonists.

L’Russia-Iran axisever-strengthening, may translate into a new threat to the world.

Russia and Iran: Enemies of the World Strengthen Ties

Russian Alexander Novak, after the match a Tehran he expressed his excitement about the Iranian talks thus:

“We have agreed to speed up the preparation of agreements on an area of free trade and discussed in detail the cooperation in thenuclear area. Exchanges of oil and gas supplies and increased joint investments in hydrocarbon projects were also discussed.

Senior officials have set even more ambitious goals. Iran and Russia plan to increase trade a 40 billion dollars annually by 2025, said Iranian oil minister Javad Owji, who co-chairs the commission on the Iranian side, according to the Islamic Republic’s state news agency. Bilateral trade will be conducted in the countries’ currencies.

It should be noted that the trade between nations it rose 81% to a record $3.3 billion in 2021, but Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has pushed for the value to grow further.

The two countries find themselves in a similar situation. Both states’ energy industries are sanctioned by the United States, in response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and following America’s withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

This is why the closest link between the two is enthusiastically celebrated: “We are on track to increase trade, economic, logistics, investment, financial and banking cooperation, despite the unprecedented pressure Russia is experiencing” Novak said at an earlier meeting with businesses in Tehran, as reported by the Interfax news service.

“We are ready to continue the implementation of already started projects and to launch new ones”Novak said.

Among them is the expansion of the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power plant. Talks continue with Moscow on the second and third phases of the plant, which will require a lot of investment, according to Behrouz Kamalvandi, a spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency.

Russia-Iran: Is the link a new threat?

Not only war in Ukraine and nuclear standoff: the world regards Russia with disdain and suspicion also for Putin’s threats on energy and the atomic bomb and Iran for the atrocities committed against women and young demonstrators.

The closeness between the two most criticized and singled out countries worldwide is of particular concern. In fact, it should not be forgotten that Iranian drones they are used by Moscow in the aggression against Ukraine.

The collaboration on energy and nuclear resources between the two powers enraged by the sanctions and by the horror expressed by the world against them can only strengthen their threatening position, also alleviating the battered economies.

The destabilization of Europe and of the Persian Gulf and of the entire Arabian peninsula could also pass through here: from the consolidated axis Russia-Iran. Is the warning given for 2023?

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The Enemies of the World Ever Closer: Why the Iran-Russia Axis is a Threat