The Order of Honor of the Russian Federation was awarded to the Catholicos of all (…)

January 10, at the Holy See of Etchmiadzin, Karekin II, Second Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, was awarded the Order of Honor of the Russian Federation. His Holiness received the State Prize by decree from Russian President Vladimir Putin for his great contribution to the development of cultural and humanitarian ties between Russia and Armenia.

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The ceremony was attended by members of the Supreme Spiritual Council, leaders of Armenian dioceses, faithful of the Holy See of Etchmiadzin and representatives of various structures.

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Director of the Department of Ceremonial and External Relations of the Holy See of Etchmiadzin, after the welcoming speech of Nathan Hovhannisyan, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Armenia Sergey Kopirkin read the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, then presented the Order of Honor of the Russian Federation to His Holiness.

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<p>Afterwards, the Patriarch of All Armenians conveyed his blessing and his message to those present.  The Patriarch of Armenia, asked the Russian Ambassador to convey his thanks to President Vladimir Putin for his honest attention and appreciation, notably underlined: <i>“<small class= Our peoples have a rich history of centuries-old friendship, which has been hardened and tempered by shared tribulations and hardships and many victories. The fraternity of our peoples is firmly rooted in our Christian faith and in shared common values. »

Catholicos Karekin II praised the direct efforts of the Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin personally to stop the 44-day war in Artsakh, as well as the continued support aimed at overcoming the disastrous consequences of the war, ensuring the safety of Armenians in Artsakh, to protect Dadivank and the ancient Armenian shrines, as proof of the friendly attitude and support towards the Armenian people.

Referring to today’s challenges, the Armenian Patriarch said: These days, all our souls are troubled by the humanitarian crisis created in Artsakh due to the blockage of the Lachin corridor. We pray that the efforts of the Russian peacekeepers, aimed at lifting the blockade of the Lachin corridor and overcoming the catastrophic situation in Artsakh, will be crowned with success. With God’s help, may our region find peace, restore the territorial integrity of Armenia and may the international community recognize the right of our people of Artsakh to live safely, freely and independently in their native land. . »

Considering the granting of this high honor by the Russian Federation, appreciating the historic role of the Armenian Church in strengthening Armenian-Russian friendship, spiritual and cultural ties between Armenia and Russia, and appreciating the he important contribution of the Armenian community to the life of Russia, His Holiness confirmed that the Armenian Apostolic and Russian Orthodox Churches, under the leadership of their pastors, will do their utmost to strengthen and perpetuate this age-old friendship.

At the end, the Patriarch of All Armenians addressed a prayer to God that in today’s stormy and troubled world, the most merciful Lord would pour out his graces of peace on the life of all mankind and keeps the two brotherly peoples safe and well-being, rewarding fruitful cooperation and permanent achievements. Source Public Radio of Armenia.

Krikor Amirzayan

The Order of Honor of the Russian Federation was awarded to the Catholicos of all (…)