Ukraine Russia, the latest war news. More bombs on Kherson. Zelennsky: We have not lost humanity

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The news of Wednesday 29 December, live. After the maternity ward was bombed, attacks continued in Kherson, which has become the city symbol of Ukrainian martyrdom. President Zelensky: thanks to us Europe is now more united. Solid alliance with the US.

• The war in Ukraine reached the 308th day.
• The city of Kherson under attack by Russian missiles, for this reason the Ukrainian army is proceeding with the evacuation of civilians.
• The Commander-in-Chief of the Naval Squadron confirmed the presence of Russian ships in the Mediterranean.
• Zelensky to the nation: it’s been tough months but we don’t have for humanity.

06:05 – Lavrov: no dialogue on Zelensky’s “peace formula”.

Russia will not talk to anyone on the basis of the peace formula proposed by Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said today in an interview with RIA Novosti, adding that Kiev is not ready for dialogue. “ obvious that Kiev is not ready for dialogue. By proposing all sorts of ideas and ‘peace formulas’, Zelensky feeds the illusion of obtaining, with the help of the West, the withdrawal of our troops from the Russian territory of the regions of Donbass, Crimea, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, the payment of damages from Russia, the admission of guilt in international courts, etc. We certainly won’t talk to anyone in those terms, Lavrov said.

05:57 am – Ukrainian 007s: the war is in a dead phase

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence agency, Kyrylo Budanov, made a similar claim to what the Institute for the Study of War had to say about Bakhmut, though he expanded it to include the whole country. Budanov says the fighting in Ukraine is at a standstill, as neither Ukraine nor Russia is able to make any significant headway. The situation stuck… It’s not moving, Budanov told the news agency in an interview. He said that Russia was at an impasse, but that Ukraine cannot defeat them in all directions comprehensively while waiting for weapons.

05:43 am – The USA: Russia stalled over Bakhmut

Analysts from the US Institute for the Study of War believe that Russia has reached a stalemate in Bakhmut, with several indicators supporting the assessment that Russian forces around Bakhmut have reached a fever pitch. US military doctrine defines climax as “the point at which a force no longer has the capability to continue its form of operation, attack or defense and, writes the Guardianwhen a force cannot continue the attack and must assume a defensive position or perform an operational pause.

05:41 am – Run in the waste, warning of air attacks also in Kiev

At around 6:00 on Thursday, December 29, air raid alarms sounded in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, as well as the southern regions of Kherson and Mykolaiv and the western region of Zhytomyr. An air alert has been announced in the capital! Please go to the shelter! published the military administration of the city of Kiev on Telegram. So far, there have been no confirmed attacks.

03.16 am – Councilor Zelensky: after Putin’s death? It will be worse

Our people think that the death of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is the end of everything. Absolutely no? It will be worse than with Putin. This was stated by the adviser to the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, Oleksij Arestovich. According to him, according to the microphones of Latynina TV (youtube channel of the Russian opponent Yulija Latynina), after the eventual death of the leader of the Kremlin, there would be another war with Russia.

02:44 am – Zelensky: They have been terrible months but we have not lost humanity

We have not lost our humanity, even if we have gone through terrible months. And we won’t lose it, even if a difficult year awaits us. We will achieve victory. And we really have to do it together. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his evening video speech. Don’t forget to say thank you when you are helped. Please support those fighting for our country, he added.

02:21 – Mayor Kharkiv: Our city is under attack again

Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov said the city was attacked by the Russians twice. No casualties were reported.

01:53 am – Zelensky, the war has strengthened the unity of Europe

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in his annual speech to the Ukrainian Parliament, argued that the war waged by Russia against his country has strengthened the unity of Europe and that no one in the West is afraid and will ever be afraid of Russia. It was Ukraine that joined the European Union. It is seen as possible, said Zelensky from the chamber of Parliament. And now Europe is protecting itself. Europe overcomes crises. And this despite the enormous resources thrown by Russia to destroy our continent. For the first time in history, some European countries have reconsidered the idea of ​​remaining neutral and are resisting aggression together with us, together with Ukraine, he added. We have helped Europe and most of the world feel that being neutral now is, sorry, but immoral. Zelensky then said that countries are no longer interested in whether Russia will listen to them, but rather in knowing what else to expect from Ukraine, what else Ukraine can give Europe, what else we can give the world. Zelensky also thanked the Ukrainian military, calling them “heroes” and said that the powerful weapons Ukraine has received have strengthened its advantage. And let me remind you that a year ago it seemed impossible that our state could have “Patriot” air defense systems. But now we have such an agreement, he said. This is a special sign of trust towards Ukraine. This is a true alliance with the United States of America. We have achieved this goal.

11.21 pm – Zelensky: More than 1,800 towns and villages liberated so far

Ukraine managed to liberate more than 1,800 towns and villages from the Russian occupiers. Zelensky said this in his annual address to the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament). Adding: I thank all the states that help us overcome Russian tyranny right on the battlefield, as reported Ukrinform. Ukrainian soldiers drove out the invaders from Kiev, and this was the first turning point in the full-scale war, it showed the strength of our resistance, the Ukrainian president said again, recalling that the soldiers liberated the island of Serpents and since then every occupier knows what one response he will hear from the Ukrainians to any of his invasions.

13:00 – De Carolis: we monitor the Russian ships in the Mediterranean

I confirm the presence of Russian ships in the Mediterranean. So we have the task of monitoring the Mediterranean and closely monitor these ships. A strong message from the point of view of strategic communication that the alliance d. This was stated by the commander in chief of the Naval Squadron, Admiral Aurelio De Carolis, answering a question from journalists on the sidelines of the rotation ceremony of the Tactical Command of Operation Safe Mediterranean (OMS), which took place today aboard the amphibious ship San Giorgio, moored at the Mar Grande naval station in Taranto.
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Ukraine Russia, the latest war news. More bombs on Kherson. Zelennsky: We have not lost humanity