VIDEO. Vladimir Putin loses his nerve: why the Russian president got angry with his deputy prime minister

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In the middle of a meeting at the top of the state, Vladimir Putin lost his nerves and got angry with his Deputy Prime Minister this Wednesday, January 11. A rare stroke of blood for the Russian head of state, while the economic situation of his country is not looking good.

The sequence has not escaped Western observers. In the middle of a meeting at the summit of the Russian state this Wednesday, January 11, Vladimir Putin lost his nerves and violently attacked his Deputy Prime Minister, Denis Mantourov. What can be the cause of bloodshed? La Dépêche explains to you.

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In the middle of a meeting, Vladimir Putin loses his temper and attacks his Deputy Prime Minister u2935

— BFMTV (@BFMTV) January 11, 2023

In the video clip published by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Vladimir Putin can be seen asking his Deputy Prime Minister – who is also Minister of Trade and Industry – why he was “having fun” instead. to buy new planes for the country. Because last July, Denis Manturov was given responsibility for the Russian defense industry.

“Let’s end this meeting”

“Mr. Deputy Prime Minister Valentinovic (the surname of Denis Manturov, editor’s note), you have everything ready, but no contract … I tell you: let’s put an end to this meeting”, launched the boss of the Kremlin, who clearly seems to be losing patience. The Russian state is finding it more and more difficult to obtain arms, due to Western economic sanctions and supply difficulties linked to the war in Ukraine.This is why Vladimir Putin adopts this condescending tone, accusing Denis Manturov to take “too long, far too long” to “do his job”.

According to information from the Reuters press agency, the contracts mentioned by Vladimir Putin relate to transactions worth several billion rubles with the Russian airline Aeroflot. However, according to Putin, “none of them is ready.”

“Why are you fooling around?”

“Why are we bothering? I know there is no contract with the companies, the directors told me so,” hissed Putin, who continued the reproaches towards his subordinate . “Why are you playing dumb? When will we have the contracts?” Hammered the head of the Kremlin, decidedly very upset. “The business leaders tell me that there is no contract, and you tell me that everything is ready,” he said again to close the sequence.

In another video posted by RIA Novosti, Denis Manturov can be seen visibly embarrassed, staring into space as Putin admonishes him. At the end of the sequence, the Head of State assures giving “one month” to his Deputy Prime Minister to issue these contracts.

“Доооолгоооо. Слишком долго”.

Путин недоволен, что некоторые предприятия до сих пор не понимают, какие заказы опут иптум ипту Досталось Мантурову.

“Денис Валентинович, у вас сверстано, а контрактов нет.

Президент дал вице-премьеру месяц.

— Кремлевский пул РИА (@Kremlinpool_RIA) January 11, 2023

Vladimir Putin’s annoyance could also find its source in the intense fighting that his troops are currently waging in eastern Ukraine. In Soledar, a city where the clashes are “the bloodiest” Since the beginning of the conflict, Russia has faced relentless resistance from the Ukrainians.

VIDEO. Vladimir Putin loses his nerve: why the Russian president got angry with his deputy prime minister