War in Ukraine, Iran pampers Russia by supplying drones

The new Iranian ambassador in Rome confirms: “We supplied Russia with a small number of drones before the war”. Last week, the US announced a series of new sanctions against Iran’s aviation and defense sectors

Iran has sent drones to Russia.

Cooperation with Moscow “in the field of defense is not new” and before the start of the war in Ukraine, Tehran “supplied a small number of drones to the Russians, but such aircraft have nothing to do with unmanned aircraft reports shot down by Ukrainian forces”. This was stated by the Iranian ambassador to Italy, Mohammad Reza Sabouri, in his first press conference after the presentation of his credentials to President Sergio Mattarella.

Yesterday the new ambassador went to the Quirinale to see President Mattarella who for the occasion expressed “the firm condemnation of the Italian Republic and his personal indignation at the brutal repression of demonstrations and at the death sentences and execution of many demonstrators”, as stated in the note from the Quirinale regarding the meeting.

According to the Kiev authorities, Russia has used hundreds of Kamikaze Shahed-136 drones made in Iran in its bombing campaign on Ukrainian cities. Thesis also supported by the United States. Iran could “contribute to widespread war crimes” in Ukraine by supplying Russia with drones and other weapons used in its continued invasion of Ukraine, it said reiterated US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters on Monday.

All the details.


Tehran has admitted supplying drones to Russia, but said the transaction took place before the war started.

“Iran is neither with the East nor with the West – and it is not a slogan” the Iranian diplomat specified in Rome. “As regards the war in Ukraine, I reiterate that we are against the war. We made ourselves available to mediate between the two parties.” On military collaboration with Moscow he then stated: “collaboration with Moscow in the field of defense is not new, before the start of the war Tehran supplied Russia with a small number of drones but they have nothing to do with the drones speak everyday in Ukraine. We complained to Moscow about the use of our drones in Ukraine and they denied the use,” added Mohammad Reza Sabouri at the press conference.


Since October, the United States has said its evidence showed that Iranian troops were assisting Russia with drone strikes in Ukraine.

Sullivan added that the United States and European nations have sanctioned Iranian manufacturers of the drones to “make these transactions more difficult.” However, she acknowledged that preventing them completely would be “a challenge”.

On Friday, the Biden administration announced a series of new sanctions and additional measures against Iran’s aviation and defense sectors. So Washington ups the ante in its campaign against Tehran for supplying Moscow with weapons for its war against Ukraine. “Iran has now become Russia’s main military backer,” US Secretary of State Tony Blinken said.


Specifically, the Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on six executives and board members of Iran’s Qods Aviation Industries, the country’s top defense manufacturer, for producing unmanned aerial vehicles, it reports. cnbc.

In addition, the Treasury also imposed sanctions on Qods Aviation Industries Chairman Seyed Hojatollah Ghoreishi, Chief Executive Officer Ghassem Damavandian, Board Members Hamidreza Sharifi-Tehrani, Reza Khaki, Majid Reza Niyazi-Angili and Vali Arlanizadeh.

The sanctions follow similar measures announced in September against Iranian drone makers.


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War in Ukraine, Iran pampers Russia by supplying drones