War Ukraine Russia, entire family executed: 3 children were also shot in the head, one of which was one year old

According to Ukrainian media, the three children executed together with their families in Donetsk Oblast were 1, 7 and 9 years old

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A family of eight was executed in the Ukrainian municipality of Makiivka, under Russian occupation, in the Donetsk region. They would all have been killed with gunshots to the head. Among the victims there would be three children aged one, seven and nine. According to the English-language Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Post, the children who were killed would be four.

The statements of the Russian authorities

The news was reported by the Ukrainian media citing Russian Telegram channels according to which the murders took place in the Chervonogvardeisky district of the municipality of about 350,000 inhabitants in the Donetsk oblast, contiguous to the regional capital in the east of theUkraine.

The Russian authorities occupying the territory reportedly reported that the perpetrators of the murders were alone simple robbersadding that they had allegedly already been arrested.

The Interior Ministry of the self-proclaimed republic of Dontesk has released a report on the detention of three alleged suspects, according to whom they all have criminal records and allegedly “confessed to committing a crime to steal a car and valuables”. . The alleged perpetrators are reportedly could face the death penalty.

The Ukrainian charges against those responsible

An adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andryushchenko, claims instead that gods are responsible mercenaries of the Russian unit “Wagner”.

According to the councilor the family was murdered because of their ethnicity since the victims would have been Roma.

According to what was reported by the Ukrainian press agency UNIANfollowing the massacre of people armed with assault rifles fled by car and according to reports from Kyiv Post, the family car was allegedly stolen.

As recalled by the Ukrainian media, in November Russian soldiers shot a family with two children in the Zaporizhzhia region after the husband tried to defend his wife from harassment by the military.

The Bucha massacre

Meanwhile the New York Times would have identified 36 among the hundreds of victims of the Bucha massacrethe massacre that took place in March in the municipality of the Kiev oblast, north-west of the Ukrainian capital.

The US newspaper allegedly succeeded through an investigation in reconstructing the last minutes of the victims identified, before being killed by the Russian armed forces as they were preparing to leave the city.


Photo source: ANSA

War Ukraine Russia, entire family executed: 3 children were also shot in the head, one of which was one year old