War Ukraine Russia: “Putin may have Cushing’s syndrome”, the thesis of a well

According to a well-known oncologist, Russian President Vladimir Putin may be suffering from Cushing’s syndrome, a disease with psychiatric implications

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A well-known oncologist claims that the Russian President Vladimir Putin could be affected by Cushing’s syndromea disease capable of creating important cognitive and emotional alterations.

Putin and the hypothesis of Cushing’s syndrome

“The clinical picture that affects Vladimir Putin is most likely attributable to Cushing’s syndrome, a disease that also produces neuropsychological problemsincluding insomnia, depression And memory loss, emotional lability“.

He reports it to the ‘Agi’ agency the oncologist Massimo Federicoscientific adviser of the Department of Hematology of the Kiev National Institute for 10 years.

“The symptoms of psychiatric illness – continues Federico – occur in more than half of patients with Cushing’s syndrome of any etiology because they are caused by an excess of cortisol”.

What is Cushing’s Syndrome

Dr. Massimo Federico explains what Cushing’s syndrome consists of: “The disease is characterized by abnormal production of cortisolthe cortisone normally produced by the adrenal glands, by ACTH, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland with the task of stimulating, at the adrenal level, the synthesis of corticosteroid, glucortioid and mineralocorticoid hormones”.

“Glucocorticoids condition the body’s response to physical and psychological stress, protein and lipid metabolism in various tissues and plasma glucose levels”.

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Symptoms of Cushing’s Syndrome

“Typical symptoms – explains Massimo Federico – include a rounded facelunar facies, shaped like a full moon, a increase in abdominal fat tissue And neuropsychological symptoms“.

“Everyone agrees that Putin is sick with cancer and it is clear to everyone that he has a moon-shaped face.”

“However, unlike the news that appears more and more often in the media, it is much more likely that the moon-shaped face and euphoria, and not megalomania, are – concludes Federico – a consequence of the disease and not a side effect of therapies.

The head of the CIA in July: “Putin is fine”

In recent months, several scholars and political analysts have tried to explain Vladimir Putin’s behavior advancing hypotheses of alleged diseases.

They were attributed to Putin Parkinson’s diseasea blood cancer, pancreatic cancer, chronic pains caused by unspecified incurable diseases.

Last July at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado the CIA chief William Burns with a joke he denied any speculation regarding an alleged illness that could have afflicted the Russian president:

“There are many rumors about President Putin’s health and, as far as we know, apparently it is far too healthy“.

On the same days too Tony Radakin, Chief of the British Defense Staffhe dismissed as “wishful thinking” (delusional thought) the idea that Putin’s behavior can be determined by a pathological state.


Photo source: ANSA

War Ukraine Russia: “Putin may have Cushing’s syndrome”, the thesis of a well-known oncologist