Why Putin chose Lapin as chief of staff of the land forces

The military point 328 | The officer had been relieved of his duties as central sector commander in October when the Ukrainians overran enemy lines in Kharkiv

Vladimir Putin change generals as if they were toy soldiers. Launch careers and destroy them using as a yardstick the progress of the invasion in Ukraine.

Criticisms with different motivations. Meanwhile for the beating, made even more humiliating by the abandonment of so many means in a disorderly flight. Then for the open challenge launched by the Prigozhin-Kadyrov duo, both moved by the ambition to be the only ones — or almost — to solve problems on the ground. A position opposed to that of the establishment represented by Defense Minister Shoigu and the Chief of Defense Staff Gerasimov. It will therefore be interesting to understand whether Lapin’s is a revaluation despite the hostility of the hawks or, instead, a simple relocation even if on a high step. Some Western observers have pointed out how Putin plays on the rivalry of supporting actors, you use them against each other. Like every monarch.

Since the beginning of the crisis the Army has seen other changes in hierarchy. The General Dvornikov remained in his post for a few weeks after failing to meet expectations. Kicked the head of the airborne departments Serdyukov to whom they blamed the high losses. Admiral Igor Osipov replaced at the helm of the Black Sea Fleet: lost the cruiser Moskva sunk by enemy missiles despite the supremacy of the means available.

The neo-tsar relied on elements that had demonstrated some ability in Syria against the anti-Assad rebels, an inconclusive test, given that the guerrillas certainly did not have the tools of the Ukrainians. Or anyway their experience proved insufficient in a new and complex theatremade difficult by the shortcomings of logistics and the intelligence underestimation. The special operation began as a large patrol with vehicles all in columns, exposed to the agile tactics of the resistance and the fire of modern NATO-supplied weapons. Rigidity, historical troubles, doctrine, incompetence of some, outdated equipment they transformed the mission into an infinite commitment.

Putin he remedied this by giving the keys to General Surovikin, also with a passage in the Syrian conflict. And the senior officer responded by pointing to one front stabilization deploying the mass of reservists, adopting more protected positions, plowing the cities of Ukraine with drones and missiles. There are those who claim that Surovikin has a good understanding with Prigozhin, a detail that would protect him from backstabbing. The subsequent developments are interesting. To the south the invaders have taken up a waiting line to prevent new opponents’ shoulders e to the east they sent wave upon wave of the Bakhmut/Soledar assault. There battle that became a symbol for Wagnera matter of life and death. But alongside the mercenaries there are also selected units of the army. All united in search of a victoryno matter how expensive. The push has put the Ukrainians in an extremely critical situation: the Kiev government has admitted it, underlined by independent experts.

American sources revealed to the Cnn that in some sectors Russian artillery fire decreased by 75%, it is not clear whether it is because of a lack of stock or by choice. For the Ukrainians they too continue to die, they too have a continuous need for supplies and Zelensky himself to acknowledge how fierce the fight is. The president has asked the European Union for more weapons, an urgent appeal that must come to terms with reality. NATO secretary Jens Stoltenberg underlined how NATO depots are now empty.

January 10, 2023 (change January 10, 2023 | 19:23)

Why Putin chose Lapin as chief of staff of the land forces